Winter is on its way, but that’s no reason to postpone building that new deck or patio! Don’t wait until Spring to start building or you will miss out on some prime time for enjoying the warming weather and watching the flowers bloom. Here are 4 popular trends for decking and patios to help you plan your new outside entertainment area!

What Are Your Custom Deck Options?

custom deck built in bench

Custom deck with built in bench seating


  • Inset Furniture – custom furniture such as benches, chairs or even tables made of the same materials, and built directly into the deck provide extra seating and a unique look that will withstand the weather!


deck made with composite material

Deck being built with composite materials


  • Composite Materials – composite building materials allow for greater architectural design compared to lumber. The material can be heated, shaped and cooled to harden into a specific pattern. This allows for the most customized decking possibilities with very durable, low maintenance material.


multi level wood deck

Multi-level wooden deck


  • Multi-level Deck – not to be confused with multi-story decking. Multi-level decks have a main deck with a transition to a lower level by a few steps. There can be additional levels with step downs based on space and budget. These lower sections add character to your deck or patio and allow people on lower levels to easily interact with those on upper levels.


elevated deck with storage below

Elevated deck with storage below


  • Elevated Decks with storage below – consider enclosing the area below your deck to add additional storage. This area is perfect for storing seasonal furniture, lawn and gardening items, etc.


The Raleigh Remodeling Company Can Build Your Custom Deck Before Spring Arrives!

Whether you simply want a screened patio or a full sized custom deck that can accommodate large gatherings, the Raleigh Remodeling Company can handle the task. We offer a free, no obligation consultation for our potential clients. Call 919-271-3892 or complete the contact form to let us get started today, so you can enjoy your new outdoor space when Spring and Summer arrive!