Most of the time, when someone is thinking of committing to a renovation, they are mainly considering big ticket items like a kitchen overhaul or maybe installing hardwood floors. Although, these are fantastic ways to makeover your home, a renovation doesn’t necessarily have to be a major project. For example, have you ever noticed a home or apartment without crown molding where the wall meets the ceiling? If so, then you’ve noticed that it looks rather odd like something is missing. In fact, there is something missing, the trim!

It is amazing what a simple piece of wood, with a simple design can do to add detail to a home. Don’t overlook the impact that custom trim can have in a home or office.

What Are Some Custom Wood Trim Options?

Depending on the type of investment you are willing to make, there numerous features that you can add to spice things up!

Here are some fantastic custom wood ideas to add style to your home

custom recessed wood trim bookcase
Custom Book Case – a recessed wooden bookcase can really add style to your office or study. By setting the shelves into the wall, you increase storage and avoid losing floor space that occurs with a standing case. Add some detailed trim to the outer edges of your bookcase and you’ve created an elegant shelf system that’s sure to grab attention.



custom wood trim crown moldingCrown and Shoe Molding – as previously mentioned, a wall that joins a ceiling without nice crown molding just looks a little plain. Add elegance that will surely please the eyes with crown molding.

Homes are typically designed with shoe molding where the wall meets the floor but don’t settle for a plain piece of wood. Have your remodeler customize your molding.

custom wood framed windows
Window Casing – a window with custom wood trim makes a bold statement. Why accept 4 plain pieces of wood to encase your windows when you can be creative. Engrave special designs, or even add a wider cut of wood to really stand out.


custom wood staircase

Custom Staircase – some homes have a simple staircase with a solid wall, often a slab of drywall with a 2×6 board as the cap and a store bought handrail. If this sounds like your staircase, then tear down that plain wall and add beautiful wood spindles with a custom handrail.


What Can You Do to Save Time and Avoid the Disruption of Renovation?

If you are thinking about making a change to your home, but you dread the disruption a full renovation can bring, consider attempting a smaller project like installing a new bookcase or updating your crown molding and existing trim. These projects are relatively simple and will give your home a glamorous look.

Don’t stress if you aren’t comfortable attempting these projects, let the Raleigh Remodeling Company take care of all your renovation needs. Contact us today or call (919) 271-3892 to schedule your free consultation.