Have you been eyeing that unfinished space above your ceiling for years, thinking about all the amazing things you could do with it? With the Fall season and cooler weather officially here, now is the perfect opportunity to remodel your attic. The dropping temperatures allow for great working conditions, so you can get more done without breaking a sweat!

From extra storage to a home office or a guest bedroom, the available opportunities are quite extensive. However, you might run into a few snags if you aren’t well prepared. So, to help you eliminate possible issues, we have compiled a few things to consider when renovating an attic space. Raleigh Remodeling Residential Attic Renovation

What to Look For in Your Attic

Your attic must be up to the task of renovation. Simply having extra space above your ceiling, doesn’t mean you can finish the room. Take a moment to assess the structure and the amount of space you actually have.

  1. Look at your lower floors to make sure you can install a staircase. A straight staircase needs about 14 square feet of space, a box style needs at least 8 sq. feet and a spiral could work with as little as 5 sq. feet. Also, make sure you allow enough room to maneuver furniture up the stairs.
  2. Look at the joists and framework. You will need “A” frames. Trusses with a “W” shape will stop you in you tracks as the load bearing framework can’t easily be modified without compromising the structural integrity of your home.
  3. What is the height, width, and the floor area of the unfinished space? Standard code for a living space usually requires a height of 7 feet, a width of 7 feet and 70 sq. feet of floor space.
  4. Are your floor joists sturdy enough to handle the additional weight? You may need to reinforce the framework for heavy furnishings.
  5. What is the purpose of your attic? Will you need climate control? If you just need storage, you can probably overlook additional insulation. But, if you intend to make a bedroom or an office, you’ll want to make sure you properly insulate the ceiling.
  6. If you intend to run ductwork to the attic, make sure your HVAC system is capable of handling the extra space. You may need to upgrade your system.

Let the Professionals Help

Remodeling can be a challenging project for anyone unfamiliar with home construction. Codes can change, electrical wiring can be dangerous, and for some, the project could be more advanced than their capabilities.

The Raleigh Remodeling Company can handle any job size and we know exactly how to help you to get the most out of your attic. Our professional staff can accurately determine how to best utilize any space you have, and we are familiar with the building codes to make sure your home is compliant. Don’t stress yourself – give us a call today at (919) 271-3892 for your free quote.