Remodeling your basement can be a rewarding project once completed. However, many times homeowners overlook some essential details before they begin construction. At the Raleigh Remodeling Company, we often receive calls from frustrated homeowners who tried to “do-it-themselves” after watching a remodeling show on tv, only to find the project was beyond their capabilities.

In order to help you prepare for your basement project, we have provided 5 essential details that you need to consider for your finished basement. raleigh remodeled basement

5 Important Things You Need to Consider for Your Basement


Don’t forget that your home’s plumbing often runs under the floorboards of the first floor, which also make up the ceiling of the basement. Be prepared for leaks and possible flooding by having a drain somewhere in your floor. Try to finish your floors with a material that can handle getting wet to avoid the cost of replacement if a flood occurs.

Installing a ventilation system will help with moisture removal. Basements can tend to become damp and cool, contributing to mold and mildew growth. Don’t let your furniture and drywall become damaged, leading to more money being spent to fix the problem.

If you are considering a bathroom for your basement, pay attention to where the main sewer drain for the house is located. Depending on the location of your drain line, you may need special equipment to force the wastewater through the drains.


Take into account the height of your ceiling when you are remodeling. Think about how it will factor into the function of your basement.  Are you putting in a home gym? If so, what equipment are you putting in? A treadmill will cause you to need extra height: remember to leave yourself head space for when you exercise.

Boxing in the HVAC vents, plumbing, and electrical wiring will show guests that you are hiding something. Try to complete your ceiling as evenly possible, straight across, wall to wall. This will hide the utilities, and help to achieve the look of a “main” room in the home.

Square grid ceiling tiles similar to your work office have been typical for basements, but many homeowners are trending towards a smooth clean drywall ceiling. If a flood or another issue occurs, you will have to cut out a section of the drywall ceiling for access. There are other options to choose from and a professional remodeling contractor can help you find the right ceiling to meet your needs.


It’s in a basements nature to be dark and unwelcoming, but that can be overcome with proper lighting. Try tightly spaced recessed lighting for low ceilings to help illuminate the room evenly. The closer to the floor a light is, the less area light covers, leading to a poorly lit basement.

If your basement has an open air outer wall, you may have the option for a sliding glass door. This will help with natural lighting, and provide an additional access/exit point for emergencies. If your basement is completely surrounded by earth, you may have enough area in the foundation to put in side window. If you plan on a bath or kitchen, this could be a good place to have a window for additional light and ventilation.

Make sure the window is large enough for someone to crawl through in an emergency, and help eliminate water intrusion by placing a drainage system near the window to help funnel away water.


The design and function for your basement has probably been the focus of your attention when planning. The excitement of having a new, amazing bedroom, entertainment suite or even a climate controlled storeroom can really help power you through the headaches and issues that can pop up during renovation.

To help keep that excitement and eliminate problems, take the time to design a floorplan that properly utilizes the space you have. That doesn’t mean you have to be limited in your design ideas, but if your basement has plumbing in place that will easily accommodate a new bathroom, take advantage of the existing structure. Having to jackhammer through concrete to run sewage and drain lines can really take the fun out of a remodel project.


This is often the most overlooked aspect of home remodeling. It’s easy to say, “It’s my home, I can do whatever I want,” but that may not always be the case. By not getting permits and inspections, you may run into trouble if you decide to sell your home. The cost of a permit is much easier to pay for than the potential loss of value perceived by a homebuyer when selling.

Avoid a Remodeling Hassle, Hire a Basement Professional

Renovating is always a bigger challenge than most novices are prepared for. We regularly receive calls by people who have attempted a DIY project, and ultimately have become overwhelmed by what it requires to finish. Don’t waste time and energy on a project that is beyond your experience level. Let the professionals of the Raleigh Remodeling Company provide you with peace of mind.

Our experienced team is prepared for any challenge and have the tools capable of completing any size job fast and thoroughly. We know the current building codes and our work will pass any inspection.

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