Home renovation is a tricky and complicated process. It involves a lot more creative and emotional commitment than most people think.


1. Create the Space You Want

Don’t compromise your ideas and designs! Make the kitchen or bathroom you REALLY want—-heed the advice of professionals, but don’t let their expertise stop you from implementing the aesthetic you’re really after.


Mediterranean Entry by Anaheim Architects & Building Designers RVM Construction Inc.


2. Stay Within a Realistic Budget

While you should definitely adhere to your design standards, you should also avoid overspending. Compromise where it counts. Create a space that you love, but do it so that it doesn’t break the bank. Click here for some great DIY ideas from Houzz.


Mediterranean Exterior by Anaheim Architects & Building Designers RVM Construction Inc.



3.  Overdoing the DIY

Although DIY projects are a great way to make your home more personal (and to save money), it’s important that you leave the big stuff to the professionals. Expert contractors will work with you to bring your biggest visions into a beautiful reality.




4. Fearing a Layout Change

Most appliances and counter structures can be moved around with little to no trouble. If you want to rearrange the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, don’t be afraid to talk to your contractor about feasible possibilities.


Traditional Kitchen by Haddonfield Kitchen & Bath Designers Universal Cabinetry Design Center


5. Cutting Corners

It may seem like the most reasonable way to save money, but in the grand scheme of things, you always want to prepare for the worst. It’s important to overestimate the materials you will need and the money you will potentially spend, so that you don’t run into any unexpected expenses.


Farmhouse Bathroom by Seattle Architects & Building Designers DeForest Architects


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