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Kitchen Remodel

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Raleigh Remodeling Company has been serving residential and commercial customers in the entire Triangle since 1994.

We provide dependable, quality, and precise services for all of our clients regardless of the size of the project. We specialize in quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling. In addition, we can remodel basements to serve your special needs.

We also provide architectural millwork installation such as crown molding, all types of running trim, custom wall panels installation, cabinet installation, and door and hardware installation. We have installed millwork at commercial sites, such as banks, restaurants, office spaces, and medical and dental offices as well.

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What Raleigh Remodeling Company Can Do For You

Learn more about Raleigh Remodeling Company by reading our client testimonials or viewing our residential and commercial projects. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote by calling  919-271-3892 or filling out the form below.

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