Contemporary Contraptions

Contemporary kitchen design is moving in a shiny, chrome direction. Modern kitchens are packed with sleek appliances, which are in constant peril of getting dirty–their spick-and-span aesthetic ruined. Cutting-edge kitchen remodeling and renovations tend to include the latest gadgetry and technological advancements. Due to the nature of this kitchen style, we are entering the era of the hands-free kitchen and the accompanying technology that gives it its namesake are definitely worth checking out. Imagine cooking dinner for your family and your kids don’t get soap and grime all over the sink and faucet while washing up. Picture a world where you can open up your cabinets even when your hands are full. Think of a time when you’ve been able to open your dishwasher with greasy hands and not covered it in slimy fingerprints. You can’t? Well…

The Moen MotionSense faucet allows you to turn your faucet on and off with a wave of your hand. The latest models come with a front sensor and a top sensor, both of which can be disabled if necessary. The ability to control your faucet without touching it will make it infinitely easier for you to keep your sink clean and relatively germ-free.

In a similar fashion, Hafale’s Climber glass cabinets open at a wave. Worry not about dropping that heavy stack of plates, and just move in front of the door’s sensor.

Last, but certainly not least, the Knock2open dishwasher by Miele opens after being tapped twice. No more impossible-to-clean smudges on its stainless steel front!

These advances are great for those who prefer a streamlined and modern kitchen appearance. If you feel as though your kitchen is frumpy and outdated–or if you’re just sick of cleaning fingerprints off your appliances, these gadgets, and a variety of others, are a sensible solution.


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